GIF Portrait FAQs

1. Why commission a digital art portrait from GIF Portrait?

The genre of portraiture in art has a centuries old tradition and GIF Portrait brings this into the present day, capturing and representing you in a format that is fit for the digital age. An animated digital art portrait will set you apart on the web, whether it’s for your social media presence, website, blog, or online press images.

GIF Portrait is the first project of its kind. It is not just about recreating traditional forms of portraiture (sketches, paintings, drawings) with digital tools, but about completely rethinking the genre of portraiture as a time-based, moving, shareable, and web-friendly artwork that is relevant to and compatible with our increasingly online lives.

Of course, your unique digital art GIF Portrait can also be proudly displayed in an offline context. Digital photo frames, tablets, and new presentation devices for digital art like the Electric Objects ( screen are all suitable for showcasing digital artworks at home.

Be at the forefront of art collecting and self-representation in the networked age!

2. What happens when I purchase a bespoke GIF Portrait commission through the website?

Once you've completed your online purchase of a GIF Portrait from the 'Portraits' page you will be contacted via email (you will be asked to provide your email address during checkout). If for any reason there is a delay, or you have a query about your purchase, you can get in touch anytime at

The first step is a consultation process - via email or video chat, according to your preference - in which you and the artist will talk about your motives for commissioning a digital art portrait, your taste in art and your existing art collection, and finally discuss a theme for your GIF Portrait. There is a lot of leeway here for you to be involved in the creative process, if you wish.

Depending on your preference, location, and availability, an agreement will be made for a photo shoot via skype, with Gretta Louw in person, or you can provide your own still images to be incorporated into your custom GIF Portrait. Next, you will be contacted with 2-3 concept options for the portrait based on the initial consultation. At this stage you will confirm the direction in which you'd like the artist to take your portrait.

3. What is the timeframe of each commission?

This will be a case by case negotiation between the subject and the artist. If you want to ensure that your commission will be ready in time for a special occasion, please feel free to send an email to to check timing before your purchase.

4. What will I receive once my GIF Portrait commission is finished?

The final artwork of your GIF Portrait will be based on the agreed upon concept and will be delivered to you as a full set of digital files including:
- two .gif animations in a small and large file size / resolution.
- a still .jpg image (perfect to be printed on Dibond or acrylic glass for hanging at home).
- a looped video .mov file for screening on media players, tablets, smartphones or online.

5. Can I commission a portrait of someone else?

Yes! You can choose to either put the artist in contact with the portrait subject directly, after your purchase, or you can discuss the commission with the artist on behalf of the subject if you would like the GIF Portrait to be a surpise. In these cases, arrangements will need to be made to collect photographic material of the portrait subject for the final animated work, which will include confirming copyright of the photos etc. Feel free to send any specific queries to

6. What about copyright for the digital artworks?

It is the revolutionary nature of digital and net-based art that it can be so easily and readily shared, downloaded, and showcased and you, as the owner of the piece, are absolutely free to use and share your GIF Portrait anywhere and in any way online and offline that you choose. Since GIF Portrait is also a gesamtkunstwerk made up of the 20 individual works, the artist will also exhibit and publish the work in the future - whether it be online, in museums and galleries, or in catalogues and press. By commissioning a GIF Portrait you agree that Gretta Louw will be able to exhibit and use the work, and may also grant these rights to a third party, but you will remain the sole owner of the work.

7. Will my GIF Portrait be featured on this website?

Yes. GIF Portrait is not just a service on the basis of commission but also an art piece in its own right. This website will show all commissioned portraits, in the order that they are bought and created, including the amount of money that was paid for each work. If you have further questions about this aspect of the project, please feel free to email

8. Why is each GIF Portrait commission numbered?

This is a limited edition series of custom, commissioned artworks. The GIF Portrait collection is limited to 20 digital artworks, which will always be referenced in future documentation or exhibitions of the project.

9. Why are all the GIF Portraits priced differently?

The pricing works on a first-in-best-dressed system whereby the bold collectors who get in early are rewarded with a top-quality digital artwork at a nominal price, with each subsequent commission gradually getting closer to a realistic rate based on the amount of work required to complete such a commission. It is part of the concept of the overall work to use this varied pricing system in order to test how far we have moved towards a networked society, and to put a numerical value on our investment in our digital, online ‘self’.

10. What's the best way to contact the artist?

For enquiries about commissions, press enquiries, or to learn more about other projects please contact:

Email -

Twitter - @GrettaLouw